What you need to know about free dictionary app

Free Dictionary App

One of the most vital goals students ought to have is to become autonomous, and self-sufficient. With that, it will prove very easy for you to continue learning and improving during the rest of your life without agonizing over anything. In any case, how would you be able to pull this off successfully? Indeed, the secret lies in exploiting all the resources accessible at your disposal. Among the best resources students can leverage is a free dictionary app.


Considering there are so numerous free dictionary apps to choose from, how would you be able to reveal to one that is right for you? To stay away from the stress that accompanies carrying out a detailed research, you ought to opt for SoftenStorm’s LiveBook, a free dictionary and reverse dictionary app. On account of this dictionary, you just need to use as rear camera to scan texts, capture, and lookup words in its dictionary. What is shockingly better, you can translate the definitions utilizing an exceptionally sophisticated translation engine from Google.


Indeed, this comes as good news to numerous particularly in the event that you’ve been struggling with bad translations. All things considered, you just need to use the free dictionary app to translate the definitions. One thing you should keep in mind is that you can use SoftenStorm’s LiveBook dictionary app on an airplane or even in rural area. This is conceivable considering it doesn’t need the internet to function. Truth be told, it is a greater amount of ‘a pen scanner’ however more enhanced and works on the iOS platform.


You may ask why it’s important to have a free dictionary app on iOS in any case. To give you a slight insight into what is set to come your direction, you can accept this as the perfect opportunity to practice pronunciation exercises. This action goes far in ensuring you get additional feedbacks from a marvelous native complement dictation and recognition engine. On the off chance that this isn’t sufficient, you’ll have the option to analyze complex structures that contain multiple clauses and phrases for better arrangement.


A free dictionary is exactly what you have to improve your comprehension of the English language. Luckily, SoftenStorm’s LiveBook free scanning dictionary and reverse dictionary app will prove beneficial in this regard. Visit the App Store to download this free dictionary from the comfort of your home. It is then that that you’ll appreciate how complex and nuanced English is. For more data, visit this page.